This weekend Confessions will be heard at the normal parish times in the "bride's room," which is the room adjacent to the rest room near the front of the church. Monsignor Nalty will be seated with his back facing the door. You can use the kneeler six feet behind him or the chair six feet in front of him. If you use the kneeler, please use a provided sanitary wipe to sanitize the kneeler before you leave. … [Read more...]

Saint Vincent DePaul Society

This is a great organization that supports so many needy people in so many ways. They meet on the 2nd Tuesday each month after Mass at Saint Stephen and are looking for new members. Watch the spotlight video below to hear Laura Finnegan discuss what the group does for its clients and so much more! … [Read more...]

Parishioner Spotlight Interview

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The Eight Gates of Jerusalem

Monsignor's homily on May 3 referenced the eight gates of Jerusalem. He focused on two of the gates in particular, the Sheep's Gate. Sometimes referred to as the Lion’s Gate for the carved lions guarding the way, it is most likely the entrance through which Jesus was taken into the city after his arrest. It is also known as Saint Stephen’s Gate as St. Stephen was martyred right outside. Monsignor's homily illustrates the enormous significance of this gate. … [Read more...]

Monsignor Nalty Spotlight Interview

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Online Collections Announcement

In this time of “no collections”, Good Shepherd still has significant expenses for, among other things, utilities, insurance and salaries for our dedicated staff. Here are two easy ways to donate to Good Shepherd Parish: To make a donation to the general operating expenses using your credit card, click here You will not need to set up an account to donate. To direct your donations more specifically to the Restoration, General Operating Expenses, Poor Box, etc., click here to set up an account via our Online Donation Platform managed by Vanco Services. Of course, donors can always drop off or mail donations to the parish office. If you have any questions or need assistance, contact Dianne Caverly at 504-227-3794 or … [Read more...]


The church will be open during this time. Also indicate that Confession is also available by appointment. Please leave a message for Monsignor Nalty or email him.  Wednesday from 5-6:30 PM on the steps of Saint Stephen Church Confession Protocol There will be a chair six feet in front of Monsignor Nalty for face-to-face confessions and for those who prefer anonymous confessions, there will be a kneeler six feet behind him. Please remain far enough away from the steps to respect confidentiality, while you're waiting. Approach the steps when you see your fellow parishioner walk down. … [Read more...]

Church Will Be Open For Adoration!

Please respect “social distancing,” and please don’t come if you are sick. St Stephen Adoration on Tuesday from 4:45-5:45 pm St Henry Church Adoration on Thursday from 7:00-8:00 am. “Since things are changing daily, please go to the parish website or our parish Facebook page, @GoodShepherdNOLA, or Monsignor Christopher Nalty’s personal Facebook page @monsignorchristopher.nalty for the most up-to-date information.” … [Read more...]

Sunday Mass will be Live Streamed

Due to the decision of the Archbishop to close our churches, we are going to live-stream the 10:30 am Mass this weekend. You can watch it here on our parish website or visit our Facebook page, which is @GoodShepherdNOLA. … [Read more...]

Spotlight on Phillip Bellini

This week have the privilege to get to know our very own Phillip Bellini, Education Director and author of the Lightning Apologetics essays found in the Good Shepherd Bulletin. Phillip describes the evolution of his faith and the incredible work he does for our parish.   … [Read more...]